Shirel and the Kids from Jerusalem

Gerloff, Krista
Shirel, a girl from Jerusalem, invites you on a journey around her favorite city. You will join her on a trip to the windmill and the zoo. She will take you to her kindergarten and tell you how they bake Shabbat bread and celebrate Hanukkah.

You will see how in her school they read and write from right to left. You will not want to miss getting to know her dog, cat, and pet chicken, and joining the excitement with her and her friends as they watch baby sea turtles hatch.

You will witness an unfortunate theft and other hair-raising events like her dad discovering a poisonous scorpion while camping in the desert. You will also have the chance to learn with Shirel some Hebrew as she sometimes calls her mother Mommy or Ima, and her father Daddy or Abba.

Come along and get to know Shirel as she tells her story in her wonderful country, Israel.

102 S. | gebundene Ausgabe | 14,8 x 21,0 cm

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